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Winterproof Your Condo to Save $ and Go Green

Winterproof Your Condo to Save $ and Go Green


Weather patterns have pretty crazy these last few years and it seems like many areas of the country are experiencing earlier, harder and longer winters than ever before. That’s why waterproofing your home or condo is more important than ever. Some people prefer to winterproof their homes or condos for ‘green’ or environmental reasons but many also are interested in saving money.

Whichever is your reason, here’s an easy, quick and low cost way to reduce one of the most common reasons money is wasted on unnecessary fuel bills… leaky windows.

Did you know that you can buy the materials to weatherproof your windows and do the whole job yourself… probably in one afternoon?

That’s right. You can.

What you’re looking for is a ‘window insulation kit’. Most hardware stores of home supply stores sell them. You can usually find them in different sizes depending on how many windows you want to weatherproof. If you’re just doing one window, you can get a kit with enough materials for just one window but you can also buy kits with more materials for more windows if you want.

The kits have basically two items in them. First they’ll have sheets of plastic and secondly they’ll have double-sided tape that you use to adhere the plastic sheeting to the periphery of the window frame(s). The well-known 3M company is one brand of these kits but there are others too as well as ‘store brands’ that work just as well. It’s a very simple concept.

What you do is first be sure the area around the window frame is clean and dry. Next you take a piece of the plastic sheeting that comes in the kit and hold it relatively taut as you place it over the lines of tape you’ve laid around the window. Note: Be sure it’s a continuous line too because you do want a complete, airtight seal here when the procedure is finished.

So far, pretty easy, right?

Next what you do is take a heat gun, the kind that has a blower on it, and gently heat that plastic sheeting you just put up until it contracts and becomes slightly taut.

That’s it!

Now you’ve created an insulating barrier of air on that side of your window that will still let light in but it will retard heat loss or transfer. Pretty simple, eh?

There are other materials and tools you can use to seal other types of spaces where air might leak but this particular method is probably the one that’ll give you the most positive result of any of them.

Try it… and watch your heating bills go down! That’s how easy it is to winterproof your condo to save money and ‘go green’.