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Vin Bon Lakeshore Ltd. Review

Vin Bon Lakeshore Ltd. Review

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BEST customer service experience EVER. It was my first time at Vin Bon and i got treated with great respect and first class service. Del was my personal guide to understanding the quality of products that were offered and the system entailed to place an order. What is also amazing is the design of my own personal label.

Quality and service? 110%!!!
Thank you Del

Dr Jamie Garvey



I've been buying from Paulo and Luisa for years and they excellent owners with excellence in their wines-bravi!! alfeo soligo, Fergus

Great Value!


I picked up a teambuy coupon for Vin Bon a while back with the intent of catering a party I had planned at work. Worked out great! Decent wine, excellent service, excellent experience!

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