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Usher Animal Hospital Review

Usher Animal Hospital Review

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unfortunate tale


I recently moved to Toronto looking for a vet for my Mainecoon cat and was happy to find one close with good reviews. My cat is bigger than most female cats because of her breed and for some she can be intimidating by her look alone. She is generally a gentle giant and very friendly and vocal with all visitors in my home.

She had been favoring her right front leg after jumping off her cat post a week ago and decided to check it out at the vet. I was greeted by a very clean environment, and a friendly professional staff. Once in the examining room, the dr. (Janice Wozniak) and her assistant were friendly, and knowledgeable. On the exam, I found the Dr. and the assistant to be fearful of cats and held her in a way that exuded a nervous energy and my cat reacted to that. she was trembling and afraid. never in any of my visits with my previous vet, did she display such fear. I stood up to calm her and they said oh you should stay away, she might bite you. the other vet had my cat purring and laying on the examining table with ease.. they did not show calm, so the animal reacted to it. I told them she is gentle and anyway she needed xrays to see...so off i went for an hour and a half.

I came back to my cat missing two nail casings on her hind leg with blood on her paw, and her xrays were fine. they had put a muzzle on her and she did not like how they restrained her and tried to escape. $400 dollars later with a cat having gone in with a sore leg to have been traumatized, nails ripped out and the tuffed of hair that sticks out from the tip of her ear ..gone too. seriously?!

I was too stunned to not react more strongly, but I will be giving them a call shortly. They seem fine with dogs.. not cat people..perhaps they are not used to such large cats and need to learn from cesar milan on what kind of energy creates an animals behavior! If it feels weird in the examining room and you feel any hesitancy.. leave.

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