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Thomas, Trattnor & Malone Review

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Brian Malone contacted me and tried to bully and intimidate me. I got the wrong order at the McDonalds located at rte 71 & 18. I was promised refunds over 3 weeks by 2 managers but never received it. Third call I spoke with Brittany who told me managers are instructed to throw away refund requests. Brian was arrogant when he called me. I hung up from him and called McDonalds corporate. He continued to call me 7 times while I was on with McDonalds. The rep asked if it was him and said he was not being very professional. I got a call then a month later from Dawn at his office who apologized and said she would send the refund. At that point I didn't believe anyone associated with Brian Malone. I was right. Brian and his wife Leah Heidman sent me a registered letter threatening me if I ever set foot at any of their McDonalds they would call the police. It cost them more to send the letter than my refund! I've spoken to a few McDonalds managers since and they say their opinion of Brian Malone and Lea Heidman is that they out of control. In my opinion they are so right.

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I hired the bankruptcy attorneys at Thomas Trattner Malone to help with my financial situation and can't thank them enough for everything they did. They did a good job of explaining everything and walking me through the process to get a fresh start. They also cost a lot less than the other bankruptcy lawyers I contacted. I highly recommend them.

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