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The Exterminators Inc. Review

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Useless, even though overpriced. Spent $400+ to get rid of mice. Mice are still there and laughing at me. The Exterminators won't return calls or honor warranty.
Hired The Exterminators about a year ago when I saw mouse droppings. The sales person was good and adequate. They came and placed some poison. I found some dead mice. Told me the warranty is 6 months. One month after I found more droppings, called them again, they came again and placed more poison, couldn't find where the mice come from. In a month I called them again and again in a month. Every time they'd come and place poison without much thinking of solving the root cause of the problem. On the third visit I (!) showed them (!) where the access to the house could be and sealed it off, it didn't help though... 6 months have passed and now they say I'm out of warranty even though the problem never got solved. Why did I pay for professional "Exterminators" if all they do is place poison, which I could buy at home depot for a couple bucks? Very disappointed with this lack of integrity.

In response to the Exterminator's response: this is NOT true. My problem never seased to exist, I just "ran out of warranty time" with mice dying on regular basis. Which means you haven't identified the root cause of the problem (which was your main selling point). Thus you have NOT delivered what you were paid for. Also I did NOT have the problem for some time - I just bought the house. And I did NOT try off-the-shelf poison. If you care about your image, doing a proper job will get you much farther than trying to distort the facts.
I'm not bitter, I'm just very disappointed to a point of surprise. You know my number, if you'd like to actually do it. I'd then gladly update my review.

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