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The Exterminators Inc. Review

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Simon's professionalism was impressive considering the stress we were undergoing. His staff is extremely competent. We couldn't have picked a better company. Thanks for taking care of our problem!
ps: They really do honour the warranty. This company is as honest as they come.

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From the first phone call, I was impressed with their customer service and how everything was dealt with in such a timely manner. Our exterminator was incredibly informative and also very reassuring in how capable and experienced he seemed in his work. We are so happy we went with The Exterminators.

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The Exterminators really know what they are doing. I had a rat in my house, and mice. Three other exterminators came. They couldn’t tell where the rodents were coming in. Basically, they installed traps (one installed poison which i later learned could have been a catastrophe) and conveyed that I should cross my fingers and hope that the rat would be caught. They said not to worry, there wasn’t sign of a lot of activity. Except two weeks later the rat was still in my house. Fortunately my neighbor recommended The Exterminators. They looked everywhere around the house and found several potentially problematic spots. They presented me with a strategy, and options. It all made sense and reflected a lot of experience and knowledge. I went with the most extreme option but the consultant from The Exterminators never pushed that. He was honest and told me what I was choosing to do was extreme in terms of protection but that was my choice. A few weeks later, there are no signs left of the rodents and I am very happy. The consultants from The Exterminators were always here at the time that they had promised. They were very competent and kind. I have dealt with rodents at my cottage so I am somewhat familiar with the issues. It is clear to me that The Exterminators are much more competent than most exterminators on the market.

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Useless, even though overpriced. Spent $400+ to get rid of mice. Mice are still there and laughing at me. The Exterminators won't return calls or honor warranty.
Hired The Exterminators about a year ago when I saw mouse droppings. The sales person was good and adequate. They came and placed some poison. I found some dead mice. Told me the warranty is 6 months. One month after I found more droppings, called them again, they came again and placed more poison, couldn't find where the mice come from. In a month I called them again and again in a month. Every time they'd come and place poison without much thinking of solving the root cause of the problem. On the third visit I (!) showed them (!) where the access to the house could be and sealed it off, it didn't help though... 6 months have passed and now they say I'm out of warranty even though the problem never got solved. Why did I pay for professional "Exterminators" if all they do is place poison, which I could buy at home depot for a couple bucks? Very disappointed with this lack of integrity.

In response to the Exterminator's response: this is NOT true. My problem never seased to exist, I just "ran out of warranty time" with mice dying on regular basis. Which means you haven't identified the root cause of the problem (which was your main selling point). Thus you have NOT delivered what you were paid for. Also I did NOT have the problem for some time - I just bought the house. And I did NOT try off-the-shelf poison. If you care about your image, doing a proper job will get you much farther than trying to distort the facts.
I'm not bitter, I'm just very disappointed to a point of surprise. You know my number, if you'd like to actually do it. I'd then gladly update my review.

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I had received a quote from a different company but when the work was to be done i was given a higher amount. The quote did not reflect the amount with applicable taxes. I did not have this company do the job; fortunately this led me to getting in contact with Simon from WILDLIFE SHIELD. I explained my situation with Simon; he was professional, very polite and honest.
The process was explained; Simon sent someone that same day.
When Thomas assessed the job and gave me the complete quote (taxes reflected in the quote) the relief was overwhelming.
The work was completed and Thomas explained how’s and whys of the work he had done.
Both Simon and Thomas were professional, patient, very informative and TRANSPARENT; there were no hidden costs or attempt to beef up the cost of the job.
The quote given and the total cost were the same $519.80.
The other company's quote was $1010.00 and their total cost $1141.00 (taxes added on after the quote was given).
In my opinion Simon, Thomas and the company WILDLIFE SHIELD are honorable and care about the people they service and the wildlife involved.
Excellent customer service
True heartfelt concern for humane treatment of all wildlife
Outstanding follow up services
This is an all around truly respectable hard working company.

The raccoons could not get back into my roof and it has been confirmed by neighbors that they have moved out.
Thank you, Thank you
Sue Shea

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