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Swank Enrichment Center Review
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Swank Enrichment Center Review

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Amazing staff and a great facility. Highly recommended.

Powered by GoogleRated 5 on a scale of 1 to 5!


I am writing to follow up on the previous review. I read it after starting therapy at the Swank Enrichment Center. I decided to be watchful and gauge my child's experience. After a few months I decided to follow up and write a review.

Our experience has been exceptional. My child is eager to go and looks forward to her sessions with Ally. Whenever I enter the tutoring / language therapy area it is bright; all doors are open and everyone seems happy and engaged.

We have been attending sessions for three months. We are seeing improvements with our child.

I highly recommend the Swank Enrichment Center. They are professional; courteous, and use innovative techniques and therapies for my child.

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