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Princeview Dental Group Review

Princeview Dental Group Review

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The dentist that made me stop hating going to the dentist. I've been going for dental care at Princeview Dental Group for about five years now, so I guess I have a moral responsibility to share how lucky I am to have found this practice.

After a childhood of painful dental visits, and an adolescence with an orthodontist whose hygienists used the sonic scaler like a weapon, I let my cleanings go for a few years as an adult. When I worked up the courage to ask friends for a referral, I learned about Princeview Dental.

Everything changed, and I've been going here for about five years or so. The most important thing I want from a dentist is compassion for the pain of cleaning, and Bela, the hygienist who does my cleanings, is brilliant: she's so deft with that scaler that I'm not ever scared of it any more, and she never hurts me. On my first visit, Dr. Mummery used a local anesthetic so Bela could do the long-overdue work. Since then, cleanings are a breeze.

The second most important thing I want from a dentist is thoroughness: Dr. Mummery and Bela are meticulous and highly organized about not just checking for cavities, but checking my jaw and mouth, even doing checks for signs of cancer. My family doctor is rather impressed with the reports I give her about what Dr. Mummery checks and says Dr. Mummery saves my family doctor a lot of worry.

The third thing I want in a dental service is efficiency. The appointments are always on time, the front desk agents, Donna and Dorothy, have been there for a long time and know just to make arrangements quickly, and communicating with them is easy and quick. Dr. Mummery herself is always polite and professional, but focused on my teeth, and that's just what I want. Here's the weird thing: I go for cleanings every 3 months, because my teeth build up quickly, but I'm always pleased to get it done. That's from a guy who six years ago dreaded the thought of dentists. That says it all.

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Yelp review by Monica R.

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2 / 5. Jan 08, 2010 by Monica R.

This isn't a bad dentist, it was better than my last dentist, but I was in that whole "well I've been going to this dentist for so long and I'm too lazy to...
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Average Rating on Yelp:  Yelp Average Rating  Rated 2 out of 5 by 1 reviewer(s).
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