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Estimator Eric showed up and delivered quote on time as promised (December). We replaced old gas boiler with high efficiency IBC unit and DHW tank. They scheduled us for 3 day installation in a months time (mid January). Later in December I was afraid our existing boiler was on it's last legs and asked Normand if they could move up the installation date. They were unable due to heavy workload (prioritizing those without heating) but honoured their stated installation dates. I had Adam do the installation. He and his apprentice were courteous and professional. They finished the installation in three days as stated. Over the weekend I noticed that one of the pumps was REALLY loud and there was a small drip on one of the pipes. Called Normand on Monday morning and they sent Adam to address the issues Monday afternoon. Adam stayed until 7pm to fix the issues. Before they started work I was careful to lay down carpet protection everywhere as it was winter and certainly gets messy as they have to go in and out frequently. (Would suggest you do the same if you have carpets / floors you want to protect). They swept up the mechanical room so that it was cleaner than they started with. They also had no problem explaining things to me in English as I am not completely confident dealing with these things in French. Very happy with the service we received and would not hesitate to recommend them. Thank you Adam, Eric and team at Normand.

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Yelp review by Deb B.

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1 / 5. Jan 19, 2018 by Deb B.

Didn't fix the issue we had - seemed to fumble around but was nice. Called the reception the next day to let her know and to ask if he had the expertise to...
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Average Rating on Yelp:  Yelp Average Rating  Rated 1 out of 5 by 1 reviewer(s).
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Very bad service! I call then by phone for a important reparation, they tell me to send a request through email with a copy of Gaz Metro Warning; but I wait 4 days and no one contact me for an appointment, then I call them again & the appointment department just advise they do not accept any new customer for it was full.

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We recently had a hot water radiator moved to a side wall of our dining room to accommodate a new patio door. This was not a simple job and required equal measures experience and problem solviing.

The service man from Normand was extraordinarily competent, hard working and courteous. I didn`t see a cell phone at his ear once, the job he did was well-planned and professional, and he cleaned up the site afterwards cleaner than it was when he started!

I would have no qualms recommending this firm to anyone for any type of plumbing work. Gordon Mitchell - Montréal-Ouest.

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Very similar experience to Cathie C - old duplex with 2 boilers and 2 hot water tanks were replaced with 2 high efficiency IBC Combi units. They also replaced the overhead jumble of metal pipes in the basement with new flexible pipes all neatly fastened to one side. In the first contact, Francois right away understood my concern to optimize the basement space so that it can be finished and the pipes that needed to be replaced. I shopped around nut others wrre unable to match their quote. The replacement and installation took 5 days, and Michel and his team were always on time and always professional.

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Normand Plumbing replaced my old inefficient giant hot water boiler and water tank with a high efficiency Bosch boiler, a new chimney liner and an IBD water heater. The women who scheduled the calls were polite and helpful. Eric, the sales man, was knowledgeable and clear. I had quotes from 2 other companies, but Normand's products and Eric's knowledge sealed the deal. The install plumbing team of Pascal and David were FANTASTIC! I had a very old, multi pipe, antiquated system that Pascal brought from the dark ages into modern times. He created a clean, streamlined system that occupies a physically tiny footprint. Pascal and David were tidy, organized, punctual, polite and excellent. The reason for 4 out of 5 stars is because there were some glitches with the removal of the old boiler and the initial assessment of the type of chimney liner required. Both these issues were addressed to my satisfaction.

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