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Owen Signcraft Limited Review

Owen Signcraft Limited Review

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What a fantastic sign company...! Very professional Gary and his staff wonderful people to work with.

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The owner Gary is unprofessional and I would not recommend this company.

I ordered channel lettering for my exterior logo sign ($5500 = $1000 for install) with this company.

At that time, I was asked for my pantone colour (brand colour) which I provided. No other meeting or direction was given to me.

After a few weeks, I was excited when I received word that my sign was in. It was heavily wrapped in bubble wrap to protect it and so we stored it in our shop until installation day.

When the contractors were near complete with installation, I went outside to excitedly see our logo up for the world to see.

To my disappointment, our branded 'blue' colour was wrong. It was much lighter than it should be.

I immediately emailed a photo to the company.

The next day, the owner Gary called and began to tell me how it was my fault for not checking the colour in advance of the installation. How disappointed HE WAS that it was installed before the colour issue was discovered.

Rather than it being his team's responsiblity for not properly explaining how colour works on channel lettering, or guiding me through the process to ensure I was happy with the colour.

He demanded full payment now for installation before he would even begin to work on a solution. I offered to pay 50% now, and the rest when the install was complete.

But then, he left me another voicemail the next day again demanding full payment. He also had his installer call me directly for payment to put extra pressure. He also reinforced his position that this whole thing was my fault and I should have known the colour would come out differently on channel lettering - of which I was never told, so how would I know? I simply gave Owen Signcraft my pantone colour, and trusted that they knew how to go from there.

For me, it's not the fact that a mistake was made - it's the fact that the owner made me feel horrible and that it was somehow my fault. It was a terrible experience and I don't wish that on anybody.

Please think twice before using Owen Signcraft.

Now I'm stuck with a $6500 product I'm unhappy with as the first thing my clients see, because I have no confidence that they are able to deliver the proper colour to me.

PS - as a side note, I also waited months for quotes on other items, and had to constantly follow up just to get a proof and a price. Customer service certainly isn't a top priority for them.

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Thank you very much Owen Signcraft! Lisa you did a superb job helping our team get signage up for the Midhurst location. We are very happy with the results and the great value / customer service we received during this process. Can't wait to order car wraps soon! Highly recommend!!!

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I have been working with Lisa over the past couple weeks creating multiple signs for my companies and all I can say is WOW! They exceeded my expectations and the quality of work was second to none. The price was very affordable, and we even got some social media exposure as a side benefit!!!


Now I want even more signs;)

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