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Organic Grown Direct Review

Organic Grown Direct Review

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Average Rating on Yelp:  5 / 5
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Yelp review by Blair B.

Yelp Review Rating
5 / 5. May 17, 2015 by Blair B.

I absolutely love Organic Grown Direct's produce delivery service! I have been receiving deliveries from them for nearly three years and I have never been...
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Average Rating on Yelp:  Yelp Average Rating  Rated 5 out of 5 by 1 reviewer(s).
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Pure freshness Quality


All i can say it is very fresh, ripe, dont have all the pesticides like the supermarkets to prolong shelf life. I am allergic to alot of stuff and pesticides make my eyes itch real bad to where they get puffy so it is hard to find true Organic farm grown produce. I been Using Organic grown direct for a few weeks and all i can say is we need more places like this.

Organic Grown Direct Reviews


This is one of the organic growns direct reviews that is probably the most important. You see, I am a competitor of theirs. They do most things really well and aside from delivering their produce, which we don't do, it is the same organic fruits and vegetables that we grow. The highest quality! So, all in all, they're ok in my book.

Great Organic Grown Direct Review


This is a great Organic Grown Direct Review! They sent me more than enough organic fruits and vegetables for 2 weeks and it was a super value. I highly recommend their service and their food when you are in the Delray Beach Florida area.

Organic Grown Direct Review


There is a uniqueness about the farm fresh produce we received. But I couldn't put my finger on it until my Wife told me something the other day. She said, "I have never had rainbow carrots before. I didn't know they even existed." And that was it! The vegetables and fruits we receive from the farm are all really cool things I never see at the grocery store! Great farm, great produce!

Organic Food Delivery


We love this food delivery service. We order delivery to our office in Pompano Beach and juice organic produce every day. Everything comes fresh and it is way cheaper than Whole Foods.

Best organic food in Flordia


I have been ordering from Organic Grown Direct for quite some time now. To be honest, I don't have a single negative thing to day. I'm extremely happy with the quality of the food, and the level of service that is always extended to me. I think its extremely important to eat right and Organic Grown Direct is a great source of freshly picked food.

Great veggie!


Organic Grown Direct is one of the better places in Florida as a whole to get excellent farm quality organic veggies! I've been buying from them for a while now and I know I'm healthier for it :) I recommend Organic Grown Direct to anyone who cares about what they eat.

The Freshest Greens!


I have been a member for the past few month and I feel I need to tell more good people how wonderful their greens are! I tried many organic food stores before, but nothing came close to fresh from the farm food except for Organic Grow Direct! They are by far the best and easiest way to get exceptional greens for your family year round without having to drive miles out to farmers markets.

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