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North York Smile Centre Review
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North York Smile Centre - Drs. J. Jesin & R. Eisen Dentists - Dental Implants Review

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Average Rating on Yelp:  1 / 5
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Dr. Jensin made my teeth crooked. He never owned up to mistake and pretty much told me he didn't need to see me again. He didn't offer to fix it or anything. Terrible dentist. Not only that but now I get pain along with headaches lasting hours almost everyday. My teeth no longer aligns. This guy really messed up.

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I just feel really lucky to have Dr. Rob Eisen as my Dentist. I’ve been his patient for over 20 yrs.
I’m writing this review to give anyone looking for the best in dental care a heads up about him and his practice.
The moment you walk through the door, from the Receptionists to the Technicians to the Dentist chair, the entire office staff are committed to providing you the best in quality dental care. His practice has all the up to date technology, right there on the spot! ~ so If you need a tooth replaced….
he can make it for you on site, which lowers the cost by cutting out the middle guy. Not only is he a Great Dentist and a lovely man, he’s also a humanitarian
who volunteers his vacation time to help people in poor rural areas across the globe.
I rate this Dentist and his practice 10/10.
Becky W

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Dr Jerry Jesin his work is amazing, he did a bridge for me in 1990 and until today it has not really bothered me at all , amazing work and ha my wisdom tooth pulled out too. They are the best team there is really would recommend everyone to go to him for the best dentistry work ever. KEEP IT UP

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Yelp review by Jisoo K.

Yelp Review Rating
1 / 5. Oct 19, 2016 by Jisoo K.

This place pretty much ruined my friends life. Friend is in constant pain and have been pretty depressed since.
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Average Rating on Yelp:  Yelp Average Rating  Rated 1 out of 5 by 1 reviewer(s).
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I had my lower right wisdom removed by Dr. Jesin.

I felt no pain during the surgery and very level of pain following the surgery.

His team offers excellent service and they are very helpful in general.

Overall communication and execution were simply excellent throughout!

I recommend Dr. Jesin to everybody who think that they will have a hard time with their wisdom tooth being removed.

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I recently had my wisdom teeth removed by Dr. Jerry Jesin. I got an appointment within one day and the procedure was done in less than 30 minutes. It was painless and my recovery was even better. I highly recommend Dr. Jerry Jesin to anyone that needs to get their Wisdom teeth out.

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