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Newmarket Printing Ltd. Review

Newmarket Printing Ltd. Review

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Sent high quality files to be printed and was met with a request to have them formatted differently. After my 2 attempts to format them, I was told that they could not be printed. I receieved no clear answer after asking what was wrong with my formatting, I even requested an example for what a "proper" file should look like. I was forced to look elsewhere to do the print job.
I do not claim to be an expert on printing or formatting files to be printed, but there was no attempt to explain what was wrong with my files. I was able to send these exact same files elsewhere and had them printed the same day.

Cheap and HQ cards!


Newmarket Printing is a good place to print mid quality cards on the cheap. I'm talking 20-30% below market rate. I've been using them for the past few years (I burn though cards real quick and for me price is important).

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