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Mister Starter Auto Electric Ltd. Review
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Mister Starter Auto Electric Ltd Review

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Average Rating on Yelp:  5 / 5
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Honest, reliable and competent automobile services. In over 13 years, I haven't found all three of those qualities anyplace other than Mister Starter. Wish you folks much success!

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Had a turbo rebuilt from them.Just finished installing a turbo in the car and when i had to connect the vaccum line to the wastegate realise they put the wastegate on backwards and had to removethe turbo from the car again, to reinstall the wastegate... should not have had to waste time to reinstall a part they should have installed correctly the first time. If you use them i suggest you check over the work they did before installing.

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Yelp review by Fajinder S.

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5 / 5. Jul 26, 2017 by Fajinder S.

Very happy with the service, they fixed my auto air conditioning compressor same day, reasonable price - saved almost 50% compared to dealer's quote....
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Average Rating on Yelp:  Yelp Average Rating  Rated 5 out of 5 by 1 reviewer(s).
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Excellent rebuild service. Willing to tackle unusual items. Highly recommended!

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I have bringing my vehicle's to zex automotive for 15 years. I have had
over 10 different makes an models serviced with them.( acura Honda bmw gmc Volkswagen ) all of them with over 200,000km. they provide excellent service and resolve vehicle concerns the first time even with the high milage issues !!. if your tired of searching for a reliable
trust worthy service center. I highly recommend visiting zex automotive. the service they provide I can honestly say is at par with dealerships. they treat you with the customer first attitude. I travel over 60km to their
location for service that's how well they take of me. thank you Zex for your years of assistance and keeping me safe on the road !!

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These guys are professional and understanding. They take their time explaining what needs to be done and never make you feel like you are asking a dumb question. I took my car to the dealer and three other mechanics who could not diagnose the problem. Once I took it to Zex, not only did they find out what was wrong, but they didn't charge me an arm and a leg to fix it!
I would highly recommend them to everyone!!

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