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Mega Bud Shop Review

Mega Bud Shop Review

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thieves and liars


This guy is such a bad liar it would be funny if it hadn't cost me $230. After sending BitCoin and paying for 24 hour delivery I got an email from someone doing a very poor job of pretending to be DHL saying they wanted $200 which of course was refundable. No phone number, no address. No DHL logo. And since when do shipping companies charge the recipient to insure the package. Their website is photoshopped to death if you look closely.

I Highly recommend www.megudshop.com


If you have been looking for a way to buy weed online without getting fucked or ripoff then www.megabudshop.com is the right place for you. i am talking out of experience. i just ordered from them and i got my stuff. Y'all can try and thank me later

The only real company


Thanks for my package @ http://www.megabudshop.com

Great Company


I love your product and services. I used your product just 2 days and my pains are all gone. Thanks @ www.megabudshop

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