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Marketing1on1 Review

Marketing1on1 Review

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Panda 2.0 Proof!


I have several websites for my business and unfortunately lost A LOT of ranking over the past few month due to Google's Panda 2.0 update. However, this wasn't the case with the website Marketing 1on1 worked on, I ended up gaining ranking. The owner was nice enough to explain that it wasn't that I just gained ranking, its that my competition took a hefty ranking penalty for low quality SEO work. I'm glad to report that Marketing 1on1 is an excellent SEO company thats on top of their game - you can expect the best from them!

Excellent Projet Management


I had another company take a whack at rebuilding our company website, almost 2 years passed and nothing was done. With Marketing 1on1 we had a mockup before us within 2 days of signing with them and the finished product rolled out in a little over a week. If I knew it could be that easy I would have never waisted my time with other companies!

Good and cheap SEO content


I'm the CEO of an online marketing company, we don't do our own content in house though - I was really happy with the level and quality of work Marketing 1on1 provides, we had an account with them for the past year and I'm really happy with their work. Reliable, high quality service thats cheaper than anything I could find that wasn't a direct outsource to India. I highly recommend Marketing 1on1 for content writing services.

Pleasure to deal with


I have dealt with this company on two separate occasion and I am thrilled to report that they are a bliss to deal with. Their business ethic is unrivalled, they are always on time and on budget in their projects. I highly recommend them.

Excellent SEO Service


I contracted Marketing 1on1 for SEO for my catering business. They delivered! I was on the first page within 3 month and am still there 6 month after our contract expired. Their service is incredible and staff is very knowledgeable. I highly recommend Marketing 1on1!

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