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Magnus Resources Inc. Review

Magnus Resources Inc. Review

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After 1 year of waiting here I am still waiting. So tired of her alibis. I send her the money that she ask me then after she will tell you to wait forever.
She will give you all alibis if you ask for refund. Be careful of this agency specially to Rhodora.. money collector. Very unprofessional.

Excellent communication and satisfied with first time family seeking nanny


I am shocked when I see negative reviews about this agency and usually it's one person who had a negative experience based on their expectations or are simply just difficult and probably feel the agency is to blame. Rhodora was not my first choice but after a poor experience with another agency that didn't deliver and left me stuck with little time to find a nanny. I called rhodora back and she was able to find me a nanny that I was able to interview and couldn't be more happy. Ultimately it's your decision when you choose a nanny and people tend to blame the agency when it doesn't work out, but rhodora has been quick to respond to emails , texts and follow up with my questions,concerns and being the first time I have done this she's been a huge help. I understand I'm not her only client and she can't call me back always right away but she even helps with the payroll and the numbers and all the details you don't realize are involved - HIGHLY RECOMMEND her agency, 3 of my friends have now used her and no negative experiences at all!

Reliable agency


I've known Rhodora Ramos for 3 years. And she is a good, reliable person with commitment to clients and nanny. There are some negative review that i've read before posting this. I guess this people had a lot of expectations & had some different experiences that why they are dissappointed. But, they are wrong! Magnus resources already help a lot of families and nanny here in canada.

Best service


I have had the pleasure of knowing Rhodora Ramos of MAGNUS Resources for 2 years now and with her support, was able to locate and employ a wonderful, live-in caregiver for my three children and my home. Not only was Rhodora very supportive and informative throughout my search, but continued to provide exceptional service and support to myself as well as to my nanny throughout the employment relationship.
I have recommended MAGNUS Resources to many of my friends and colleagues over the last couple of years.

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