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How To Choose The Right Wedding Officiant And Chapel

How To Choose The Right Wedding Officiant And Chapel


Getting married is a very emotional event. Atmosphere, decor, ambiance and conviviality is very important. Choosing the right wedding officiant and chapel is a big part of getting those elements right. What are some things to pay attention to to make sure that you pick the right officiant and wedding chapel?

Tips for picking the Officiant:

  • Is the officiant comfortable with the spiritual status of the couple? Nowadays some couples get married who have been living together for some time already. Some wedding officiates are not comfortable with this and will not do these types of weddings. The issue is are you paying them for counseling or to perform a wedding within their legal ability?
  • Do they have references? Wedding officiants should be familiar with what is expected of them. They will often be required to assist in expediting last-minute preparations for the ceremony so they need to know how to make all the elements of the ceremony flow well toward a satisfactory conclusion. Better yet, use a local wedding directory that offers a full list of wedding officiants laid out on a map with customer reviews as for example The Perfect Wedding Guide’s Officiants and Chapels Toronto directory.
  • Have they been in business long enough to be good at their job? Any wedding officiant who has been in that ministry for a while should have references. and a website of some sort. Its OK to ask and to check them too.
  • Are they comfortable is working with you to orchestrate a ceremony that suits what you want?
  • The price. Is it fair for what the officiant is being asked to do. Some weddings take more time than others. Some couples actually expect some counseling and/or for the officiant to say a few well chosen words to those in attendance. Be sure that its clear what you want and what you’re getting for what you agree to pay and that the officiant is comfortable with that figure. The last thing you want is a negative attitude of resentment coming across at the ceremony because the officiant feels like he/she is being ripped off.

In picking the wedding chapel, here are some things you should be sure of before you make a final commitment:

  • Is it big enough to accommodate the number of people who expect at your wedding?
  • Is it nice.ie. Will you feel comfortable there, will your guests feel comfortable there and will it look nice in the wedding pictures and/or videos that you’ll probably have made of the event?
  • Is there ample parking space for guests vehicles and, if necessary, is there security for the vehicles?
  • Is the chapel easy to find and access at the time of the day when your wedding occurs. You certainly don’t want to have your wedding in a busy downtown location during rush hour.
  • Is there accommodation for music of some sort. i.e. the space for musicians and/or a sound system to hook up to? If you want to bring your own musicians, is there a piano already there?
  • Last but not least, are the restroom and men’s and ladies touch-up rooms adequate in size and quality for your requirements. The last thing you want is a room full of irritated ladies squeezed into a closet trying to put makeup on.

If you simply ask some simple questions its not hard to find a good wedding officiant and a suitable wedding chapel for a wedding that you’ll cherish and remember. But its up to you to ask for what you want and shop based on your own standards.