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How to Choose Eco-friendly, Durable and Trendy doors on a Budget

How to Choose Eco-friendly, Durable and Trendy doors on a Budget


Whether you’re considering a new door for your home as a replacement for an existing door or you’re working with a designer and selecting what door will best suit your budget and stylistic preferences in a new home, the biggest challenge you have in making a good decision is knowing what your options are. By knowing what’s available and the pro’s and con’s of various types of doors, door materials, door finishes and installation types you’re more likely to wind up with a door you’ll feel good about every time you open it or walk through it.

Here’s Some Guidelines On How To Choose And Eco-friendly, Durable And Trendy Door On A Budget

First of all, don’t be afraid to shop around. The best thing to do is start with high end door suppliers, even look at some custom-made shops, to get an idea of the styles that are available. You wouldn’t want to miss some cool looking type of door that you could have afforded if you’d just known it was available, right?

Once you find the style you like, then consider materials. You’ve basically got your choice of all-natural (i.e. solid wood), metal doors, or some type of wood look-alike material.

Keep in mind, while you’re shopping that the quality with which the door is made is going to make a big difference in its cost over the long term. Buy the best quality you can afford but don’t pay for style or gimmicks that you really don’t want or need.

Steel is OK and often looks very nice. Depending on the construction, it isn’t necessarily too expensive either…. especially if security is a priority with you. A solid steel door with extra strong locks and hinges could be the deciding difference in preventing a home invasion.

Wood is always nice but remember that there will be some occasional maintenance involved. If you like that ‘wood look’, you can buy wood composite (often called MDF… Medium Density Fiberboard) doors that look very nice and, for average doors, are just about as strong as solid wood doors.

Remember that your door is not just a functional entrance to your home but, like your smile, it’s one of the first things people notice about your home. It reflects and/or establishes the ‘tone’ of your home to all who see it or pass through it. So take some time to select a door that represents your home the way you want it to be represented.

With a little deliberate care, it’s not hard to choose an eco-friendly, durable and trendy doors even if you are on a budget. We recommend Eco Choice Windows & Doors based out of Vaughan, ON.