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How Breast Augmentation Can Fix Breast Asymmetry

How Breast Augmentation Can Fix Breast Asymmetry


Is Your Breast Asymmetry Making You Self-Conscious? Find Out How Breast Augmentation in Toronto Can Help

Just about all women have some degree of breast asymmetry. For most, this asymmetry is very minimal, and not even noticeable. For others, it can be the difference of a whole cup size between breasts, which can prove to be quite bothersome for these women. If this issue causes you to feel self-conscious about your image, than breast augmentation in Toronto may be an option for you. A surgeon from a reputable breast augmentation clinic in Toronto, such as the TC Clinic, can talk to you about the different ways to fix this problem.

Different Types of Breast Asymmetry, and How Breast Augmentation Toronto Can Help

There are different types of breast asymmetry that breast surgery in Toronto can successfully address. Some of these include cup size, shape and position of the breast, and asymmetrical nipples and areolas.

Asymmetrial cup size is probably the most common issue in breast asymmetry. Usually the difference in size is a cup size or less. However, some women may have a difference of two or more cup sizes, which is tough to hide even under clothing. In addition, some women may have breasts that are different shapes, or are positioned differently. Some women may also have different sized nipples and areolas. For example, one nipple may point downward and the other forward, or one areola may be larger than the other. Any of these issues can be rectified with breast enlargement in Toronto.

Toronto breast augmentation can solve any asymmetry that may occur. This can be done in a variety of ways. For example, the smaller breast can be enlarged by having an implant inserted to bring it up to the same cup size as the bigger breast. If the larger breast is a bit more droopy than the the smaller breast that was enlarged, a breast lift can reposition it. The breast augmentation Toronto procedure can also reposition or revise the nipples and/or areolas afterwards, if there is some degree of asymmetry between the two.

The professional team at a Cosmetic Surgery Clinic will be able to address your asymmetry concerns. They will tell you everything you need to know about how a particular breast enlargement in Toronto procedure can fix any specific asymmetry issue you may have with your breasts.