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Hard Drive Recovery – Tips on Fixing a Hard Drive

Hard Drive Recovery – Tips on Fixing a Hard Drive


There are a variety of reasons for a damaged hard drive. It is almost impossible to provide a simple, detailed hard drive recovery solution for every possible situation. There are a few things you may want to try. Failing these, you may want to consider a Toronto hard drive recovery company.

Check to see if any partitions were lost on the drive. You can do this (for Windows) by checking in “My Computer”, then right click on the icon “My Computer”. Under the “Manage” and the “Storage” sub menus, look for the “Disk Management” icon. Make sure all the partitions add up to the total disk space, and that they are all present. Every once in a while a partition will be missing because it has lost its drive letter, making them unobtainable. The drive letter will then have to be reassigned, which is done by right clicking on the partition in disk management and assigning the correct letter.

More Complicated Hard Drive Issues to be Recovered

In a case where the hard drive actually seems to be missing, you will have to go into the BIOS system to check what is going on. Begin by rebooting the computer, then press Ctrl + Alt + Del . Look for any presence in BIOS. If it seems to actually be missing, then there is most likely physical damage. Physical damage will probably need the services of a Toronto hard drive recovery company.

In such a case, you’ll need the help of a specialist in hard drive recovery in Toronto. A seriously damaged internal disk has to be accessed by opening up the disk drive in a dust free environment, which is why a pro in the field of hard drive recovery in Toronto is a must.

If you discover that the disk does in fact still exist, but you hear a ‘screeching’ noise coming from the hard drive, then most likely there is physical damage to the hard drive, which, again, will require the services of an expert in the field of hard drive data recovery in Toronto. Stop using your computer right away, and send it to somebody who will be able to repair it, like a Toronto hard drive recovery company.

Getting the Pros In – Using an Expert in Hard Drive Recovery in Toronto

Even though the cost of having your hard drive repaired by a professional in hard drive recovery in Toronto may be a little more than you are comfortable spending, it will still be a lot less than getting a new hard drive. Not to mention how priceless it would be to be able to recover all that vital data that was once ‘lost’ on a damaged hard drive! Thanks to services in hard drive data recovery Toronto, this is possible!