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Green Home Makeover Tip… It’s Energy Efficient Windows

Green Home Makeover Tip… It’s Energy Efficient Windows


Are you one of the growing number of homeowners who are ‘going green’? If you are, it’s a good bet that making your home windows more energy efficient is high on your list of improvements to make on your home.

If that’s where you’re at right now, you’re certainly not alone. Although some people are going green because of purely philosophical reasons probably the largest segment of the ‘going green’ herd is doing it because of the rapidly increasing price of energy. Windows that are not energy efficient are the source of a tremendous amount of lost energy. It’s almost like opening the windows and through dollar bills out of them.

Most homeowners to balk at adding energy efficient windows to their home are reluctant to do so because of what they perceive as the unreasonably high cost. But it’s not exactly such a simple issue as just the upfront cost. Let’s list several advantages of giving your home a green makeover with energy efficient windows:

  • Remodelling Magazine says that energy efficient windows at approximately 71% of their value back in to the resale value of the home. The amount varies between $5,000 and $9,000. So there’s a big discount right there!
  • Energy efficient windows add a tremendous amount of comfort to your home by eliminating leaks and drafts.
  • You will definitely see a savings in the cost of energy your home uses. The exact amount depends of course on several other factors but a savings of $200 to $500 per year would not be unreasonable.

When you do finally get around to shopping you’ll find that there’s lots of different style options and, odds are, you’ll be able to add some new ‘style’ to your home that the whole family will appreciate. And your neighbors will notice too.

In some cases you’ll find that new windows also can add greater security to your home and there’s also even a possibility that certain types of windows could even net you a slight discount in your homeowner’s insurance. It really depends on the types of windows you decide on and on policy options your insurance company offers.

In most cases you’re not going to have the time or the inclination to install the windows yourself so you can count on the job not taking very long. As long as you’re dealing with a reputable contractor, which most are, you’ll be fine as long as you get all your questions answered first and get everything in writing.

But there’s no debating the wisdom of the idea anymore. Going green by installing energy efficient windows make dollar sense, stylistic sense and environmental sense.