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Very prompt and helpful. Able to speak with someone when you call. Appreciate that they are local - in Canada.

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Rented a pod for 4 months, Delivery was on time, driver was helpful and courteous. No issues except when it came to the pod pickup . I called in the first week of December for a Jan 1st. pickup. I called again on Dec 19th. re-confirming the pickup. Surprise Surprise, no one knows about the pickup time for Jan 1st. I was then informed that I needed to give two weeks notice for a pickup. LOL I thought I did in Dec?? The Lady (I'll leave names out of this) said okay we'll come and get the pod and I would't be billed as it was before the new billing date. Pod was finally picked up on Jan. 7th and of course my finally bill was prorated back to the 21st. of Dec. and you know what really tops this off is that they gave me the smaller $ portion of the pro-rated amount of the 4 week monthly bill and kept my refund portion. Lady needs to take a summer course in simple mathematics. When I called and tried to explain this, WOW! I just gave up and hung up!

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Following my experience of using POD's, I opted to explore more options and I'm glad I did - #GoMinis far exceeded the service levels of POD's in these ways:
Timing - For anyone moving, time is money. In this way PODS was a repeated failure. After countless phone calls in advance of delivery to confirm on-time delivery, PODS still failed to show up on time. In fact, they had repeated difficulty arriving on their scheduled day.

#GOMINIS - From start to finish, timing was paramount and they didn't disappoint: They confirmed the GPS location, the layout and measure of the driveway, made suggestions on container size to suit the driveway, asked several additional qualifying questions most customers wouldn't know in advance to ensure all areas were addressed... But more importantly - Their drivers were on time, to the nose!!!! They knew what they were doing, and were polite to boot!! Not only were they on time for the initial delivery, they were on time for retrieval, storage, redelivery and pick-up.

I'd be quite remiss not to point out the exemplary efforts and guidance of their Customer Service associate #HeatherWalker. #HeatherWalker was patient, knowledgeable, polite, pro-active from start to finish. Calling in advance when needed, following to ensure the process flowed smoothly was an unexpected touch.

PRICING - Appeared was comparable to POD's
STORAGE - Was convenient and accessing the containers was very straight forward.
MOISTURE/DAMAGE - No concerns there! The container yard handler was also reassuring, noting that 'we store them well. You'll be fine', and he was correct!
DRIVERS/DELIVERY - Far above average in efficiency

Would refer. Would use them again.

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Good service, reasonable prices. I didn't find any hidden charges like some others have posted. Good quality container as well

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After an eight week home renovation, we finally moved back in, and I can't say enough about how easy the process was. The storage container was picked up and dropped off when requested, and when we opened it, you could barely tell that anything had moved inside at all. Representatives were easy to get a hold of, and were very friendly and pleasant to talk with. I would absolutely recommend Go Mini's to anybody who is moving or needs temporary storage.

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