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Furniture Assembly – DIY or Hire A Pro?

Furniture Assembly – DIY or Hire A Pro?


It’s always a dilemma, isn’t it? In order to save some money you buy furniture that needs soe assembly and then you realize that how it’s assembled might be critical too and you wonder whether you should do it yourself and take a chance messing it up, or… would you be better off investing a little more money and hiring a ‘pro’ to do it.

Maybe you’ve even had a experience of trying to assemble furniture yourself. It started off well enough… you were excited, you thought you had everything you needed, you dived into the project, but slowly and surely problems began to arise. It somehow very frequently seems that those instructions aren’t as complete or easy to understand as you wished they were.

Where the problem usually comes from is that even though the designs of the furniture are find, the people who write the instructions very often are not native English speakers so… no wonder the instructions are often of limited use. And don’t expect to get any help on the internet either because it’s simply not going to happen.

This is the reason that hiring a professional is always a good thing to do. It really doesn’t cost that much and you eliminate so many potential errors that it’s well worth it in terms of saved time and quality assurance.
Here are ten very specific reasons why:

1. You’ll wind up saving a lot of time

The people who do this sort of thing for a living are very good at it. They know they are doing and their time is valuable to them too. They want to get the job done, correctly, and then move on to other similar jobs they’ve got scheduled. They’ve very possibly assembled the same unit for other people… or something very similar. Often they don’t even need instructions. I recommend the EUREKA! Furniture Assembly & Installations Toronto company.

2. Reduction in Mistakes

As already alluded to, sometimes a mistake in assembling furniture won’t show up til much later. By then there’s no warranty and you’re stuck with the problem and maybe even broken furniture. Professional furniture assemblers don’t mak emistakes. Even in the unlikely event they come across something really unusual, they have sources for quickly finding the answer.

3. Professional Assembly assures Style and Sturdiness

Regardless of how it’s designed, if it’s not put together correctly it will neither look good or ‘stand up’ well. Professional furniture assemblers know exactly how to do everything in the right order, put every part in the right place and tighten everything to the correct tolerance. time.

4. Professionals have a dedicated support team

Sometimes your furniture assembly plans give you options that can confuse you. When you have ‘pros’ helping you, they have accumulated so much experience with items like yours that they can explain your options very clearly so you benefit from the intentions of the designer. Sometimes, because of their experience, they will even be able to suggest a better option for some aspect of the assembly process than the designer specifies.

5. Professionals have tools that perhaps you don’t

Having the correct tools usually means the difference between getting the job done correctly and on-time vs. getting stuck with a shoddy job done behind schedule. Professionals have the correct tools to ensure that the assembly process is done right and on-time. This means you don’t have to worry about buying a tool, or tools, that you might very seldom use again… if ever.

Yes, you can buy some really beautiful looking furniture in flat-pack or ‘needs assembly’ style today. Even the most ‘up-scale’ homes are doing it and in most cases you’d never know it. But still, you do have some considerable money tied up in your new furniture so it just makes sense to make sure that it is assembled properly.