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EMF Neutralizer and Why You Need One

EMF Neutralizer and Why You Need One


You may not be aware of it but you’re carrying around something that is potentially very dangerous. It’s something that you probably think is your friend because it’s not only one of your biggest productivity boosters but also it’s one of your major sources of entertainment. It’s your smartphone and the dangerous part of it is the electromagnetic frequencies it emits.

That’s right. All electronic devices emit small but constant sources of electromagnetic resonance or frequency, called EMF or Electromagnetic Frequency Radiation. You can’t stop it because it’s part of the very basic nature of electricity. But you can protect and/or insulate yourself from it.

You might wonder, ‘why would I want to do such a thing?’

The reason is simply because these minute amounts of electromagnetic frequency radiation effect the very basic chemistry and function of your body down to the cellular level. You probably know that the body itself is a miraculous sort of electronic device. In fact the nervous system might be compared to an electrical network…. a network which controls the operation of all your muscles, internal organs, brain, hormone production and even brain function.

Anything which could interfere with those functions can and in fact has now been proven to have a wide variety of harmful effects. These effects include dizziness, nausea, headaches, stress, insomnia, neurosis, and even adverse effects on pregnancy. This is the conclusion now reached by the World Health Organization (WHO) in a recent announcement.
These electronic frequency emissions come from a variety of devices that permeate our everyday life. Foremost among these devices is the common smartphone. Almost everybody has one of them, right. Research proves that if you use a cell phone for just two hours a week it is potentially very dangerous and measurably increases the possibility of your manifesting one of these above-mentioned symptoms.

Luckily there is a solution. The solution is to diffuse, neutralize and harmonize that harmful radiation into benign radiation which has no potentially harmful effects on the body. The only technology proven to do that is Fractal Diffusion Latticing (FDL) from Aires Technologies. That’s what their two products, Aires Shield and Aires Defender do.
These two products either attach directly to an EMF radiating device, such as a smartphone, microwave oven, laptop computer, etc., or can be carried or placed in close proximity to them. When the user does that, the patented technology of the device actually transmutes the electromagnetic radiation from the device from harmful to benign. Studies show that FDL technology is effective in stopping up to 99.6 of harmful EMF.

Considering that these potentially harmful devices are everywhere around us, doesn’t it make sense to be protected. The phrase, ‘don’t leave home without it’ is totally appropriate here. Studies show that damage from EMF, beyond a certain point, can be fatal so why take chances. Aires Shield and Aires Defender technology is affordable, readily available and very user friendly. If you’re part of the digital age and if there’s an electronic gadget in your life, like a cell phone you need EMF protection.