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Dutton Employment Law Review
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Dutton Employment Law Review

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I contacted Dutton Employment Law and could not be happier with this decision. From the very beginning I found them to be completely professional, and extremely helpful. This is not necessarily unusual to find. The difference is what won me over. When I was given a time I would receive a phone call. It was on time. When I had questions, the answers were prompt. The answers were involved and thorough. I was asked numerous times if I understood the information, and when I was in doubt, they would use layman terms. I never once felt my questions or the amount of questions I had, were received in anyway but respectfully.
My experience was incredibly positive. The best part for me, was even though I was going through a difficult situation with my employer, I felt completely supported by this law firm. I felt very confident in the support I was receiving. This helped make a difficult situation less so.
I highly recommend this law firm. Contacting them was the absolute best thing for me. I couldn't be any more pleased.

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I was referred from friends, and I'm glad I was. My lawyer delivered. We settled the case quickly, and for a good deal, but I was most happy with the service.

They answered my calls and returned my emails in a timely fashion, which other lawyers don't, in my experience.

I definitely would recommend them.

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