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The Centre for Personal Surgery Review

The Centre for Personal Surgery Review

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Amazing Dr and Amazing staff! After losing 110 pounds he did a breast lift and fleur de lis/ skin removal tummy tuck. I am over the moon happy with the results!! Dr Weiglein, Trish, Josie and Kerry are an amazing team with your personal goals in mind. I would recommend them all 100 percent!!

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From experience I can say this doctor only cares about money, over the last three years I have addressed concerns and he has not cared to call back or address them himself, I have gone to Toronto and other surgeons to seek their professional opinions and they were in disbelief of the lack of professionalism and also the lack of technique of the doctor. They are in disbelief how he just takes someones money and doesn't even perform the proper surgery.

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I am not leaving a review based on an experience I am leaving it based on their photos of surgeries performed.

To me it could be that the good reviews are from people who have had minimal procedures done because the photos of the surgeries on this website have frightened me away.

I can’t believe they have even been posted. And the only review suggesting that they’ve undergone an actual surgery and not just a minimal procedure seems to be horrified at the results and follow up.

The only thing I would say is maybe seek more practice. Don’t let your pride get in the way of improving your skill sets. And admit when you’ve made a mistake and it cannot fix the mistake you’ve made. If you’ve made a mistake or can’t fix something suggest the client gets a second opinion.

If you’re not confident in a particular area and a client comes in looking for that simply say something like for this particular damage done to the abdomen or breasts I would actually recommend this surgeon who works on this type of tissue/scaring/abdominal/breast damage. I do my minimal abdominal/breast damage and or specialize more in (other) procedures or how ever you want to say it. Even if you’re lying and just aren’t good at it at least you won’t mess up people’s bodies and you will practice until you’re better at it. Why ruin someone’s body like that man?

Idk I’m sure my comment will get deleted I mean no disrespect I was genuinely put off by the photos and then the review and felt bad for both the patients and Sergeon. Just trying to help. So delete this but at least try to take in what I said taking it in the best way possible pride aside.

If I’m wrong I’m wrong but I’ve been doing my research and have not seen anything like that before.
All the best to you all.

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Dr. Weiglein and his staff are amazing. They are all professional and take excellent care in your well being.

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Dr is out of this world , staff are beyond fantastic!! I would go no other place for cosmetic surgery!!

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