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Dr. Kara Plastic Surgery Review

Dr. Kara Plastic Surgery Review

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Whitby, Ontario

1614 Dundas Street East #101
Whitby, ON L1N 8Y8
Phone (888) 546-8179
Fax (905) 438-9001

Toronto, Ontario

2863 Ellesmere Road #414
Toronto, ON M1E 5E9
Phone (888) 546-8179
Fax (416) 284-2031

Vaughan, Ontario

2180 Steeles Avenue West #221
Concord, ON L4K 2Z5
Phone (905) 761-5580
Fax (905) 761-5581

Mississauga, Ontario

2227 S. Millway #303
Mississauga, ON L5L 3R6
Phone (905) 761-5580
Fax (905) 761-5581

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I was pushed to get much larger breast implants than I originally wanted. Dr. Kara did not listen whatsoever and only repeatedly told me to go even bigger than they are now. I only wanted about C cup that looked natural and I have over DD now that look rock hard and very fake. I was ONLY shown high profile implants which created them to look super fake which I explicitly said I did not want. Although my consultation woman was very polite and always responded quickly, it was very obvious that everyone at this doctors office was only interested in making the highest sale and did not care about the patient. When I went into the follow up appointments and addressed my concern and how unhappy I was with how I looked, they just gave fake compliments, didn’t listen at all and quickly dismissed me.

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I had an abdominoplasty with this scarborough location.
i was told i could contact them with any of my concerns.
this is what i got instead.
nurse melissa, very helpful
(see attached photos of nurse melissa providing help...ooops i mean insults)

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Alright so I got a tummy tuck done with their Scarborough office 3 months ago, great results.

My bellybutton seems to be closing, and as soon as I realized this I texted my nurse at a very late hour because I was extremely concerned.

Her response was to call me ignorant, tell me she didn't care repeatedly, tell me that my problem isn't real, although I've read that if your bellybutton closes it can lead to a cyst or an infection.

This is the patient help you can expect at this particular office

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Very happy with results. Dr Kara is amazing. Highly recommended!

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I had breast enlargement done here quite a few years ago. First of all, the doctor's assistant kept trying to push me to get much larger implants. All I wanted was some nice 34/Bs because I knew that smaller would look more natural and better suit my body. She also advised me to get implants with quite a lot of projection at the top. Stupid young me agreed to it and oh how I regret that decision now.

A couple of days after the surgery I noticed that one breast was significantly smaller that the other. When I went for the follow up appointment, I pointed this out to the assistant who said that that was normal because one breast is always naturally bigger than the other. I'll never forget the look on her face when I showed her; she knew what had really happened.

I was pretty flat chested and if there was a difference in my breasts before, it wasn't noticeable at all.

I realised a few months later that the implant had turned about 45 to 55°. They should have told me and the rectified the issue instead of making up an excuse. It happened directly after the surgery and that is not normal. I now have to live with one wonky boob which I hate every single day. The other one is fine except for the projection at the top which looks silly. I'd love to have them re-done but am saving up for a house and will probably not be able to afford to pay another 10 000$ for many many years, if ever.

Also, they recommended that my tiny wisp of a friend get these large implants which look ridiculous. She regrets getting them as well.

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