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Great service from the whole team at Face Toronto. Was recommended from a friend to see Dr. Alexander. I had horrible under eye filler done from another clinic. I suffered from puffiness for 2 months. I had originally attempted to dissolve the poorly placed filler from the original injector with no luck. I came to see Dr. Alexander and he was able to treat my under eyes with the proper enzyme that dissolved the area within 24 hours. I couldn't be happier with the results. I truly believe you need to be an artist in both providing patients with fillers just as much as dissolving poorly placed filler. Dr. Alexander was just that. I will for sure be retuning for fillers in the future.

Thank you Dr. Alexander for helping me feeling like myself again! Thank you to the amazing team (Lorina and Cristina) that made me feel very comfortable and ensured everything would be okay!

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Sept 2017. The office decor is gorgeous! Finding parking was a little bit difficult but they got me in last minute notice which was awesome ! Staff are amazing!! So friendly so welcoming so kind and down to earth definitely made for a great first impression!!

I didn't feel judged at all going into a clinic with my far from perfect appearance! I got a full syringe of Restylane for my under eye area I was really happy that the needle option was still available because I really dislike cannula!

The price was pretty affordable with taxes included and I am a student!! The results are instant once the bruising and swelling goes down I can't wait to see the true results because I'm fair skin is the reason for the bruising not because of the doctor ! I will definitely be returning!!

Dec 2018 UPDATE!!! I made the mistake of going to a med spa for under eye filler this year and it’s been an absolute nightmare!!!!! The filler was placed to superficially way too much was used and I was left looking absolutely ghastly. I came back to Dr. Alexander to dissolve it and with one round I’m completely satisfied with the results! I have never met such a kind compassionate person in my entire life ! Was a very traumatizing experience for me that have caused me a lot of anxiety and depression and he reassured me that I did not need to lose my confidence because this was definitely fixable . I am so beyond grateful for him and his team !

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Recently had rhinoplasty and the results have been amazing! I was very nervous to do it, but I felt I could trust Dr. Asaria and Dr. Roskies with my face and I don't regret it at all. They are very respectful and thorough in explaining the process. They were very patient and answered every nit-picky question I had with great detail. The results have been fantastic. The work they did was so precise and looks very natural. My dad was a medic and he said their sutures were fantastic. Dr. Asaria was born to be a surgeon! He understands what will suit your face and look natural. It's two weeks later and you can barely any scars. Just follow their instructions and your healing will go smoothly! Fantastic clinic, the staff is amazing, and the work is superb!

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I had the BEST experience at Face Toronto. To start the staff are so pleasant and helpful. I inquired via email about two non-surgical procedures (botox and filler). I received a prompt and detailed response from Alexandria who was extremely friendly and knowledgeable and booked me in for a timely consultation. The clinic is stunning. On the day of my appointment, the patient coordinator helped walk me through the procedure and answered all of my questions. I met with Dr. Alexander, who is extremely thorough and detailed and I was absolutely thrilled with the results of the procedure he performed. Thank you all! I will definitely be returning!

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It’s so easy to write great things about Dr. Alexander and the staff at FACE. Their professionalism and courtesy helped to assure me that I chose the right place.
I am so glad I had my procedure. I can actually breathe at Yoga Class, the bump on my nose is gone. I truly like my nose for the first time.

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