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Diamonds International Review

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The daunting task of my partner and I finding the perfect engagement ring is a bewildering task as I'm sure we can all agree, especially with little knowledge despite doing some research. Diamonds International in Brisbane City was our first experience and by far the best. Afterwards, we attended a number main stream and independent jewellery stores that frankly left us disappointed, questioning their professionalism and motives.

Upon entering Diamonds International we were greeted by a very knowledgeable sales person by the name of Devi who immediately put our minds at ease. During the whole process she came across as very forthright, knowledge, personable and provided us with important areas to focus on whilst we endeavoured to find our perfect ring.

We hesitantly left the store seeking a comparison, which I can say without any hesitation that Devi professionalism was unparalleled.

This was only reinforced when speaking with customers walking into the store and engaging in general conversation. An older female I spoke to stated she purchased her first Diamond ring at the store 35 years ago and had been a loyal customer of the store ever since.

Needless to say, we are customers for life.

Thanks Devi,

Aaron & Fiona

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Two experiences with this diamonds International store and both have been fantastic. Service and quality is great. Probably Brisbane's premier Diamond retailer.

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In November 2015 I paid this company a $3135 deposit on a custom made ring order.

It's November 2016 they still have my money and I have nothing.

Might I say at this point they gave me the impression that they were going to make the ring themselves but this wasn't the case it was subcontracted to be made by someone else. If I had asked at the time then I would have been told apparently.

During the rather slick sales process they gave my partner and I the date the ring would be made ready by.

Because we were such good customers they would do everything they could to get it to us as soon as possible.

Talk about creating unrealistic expectations my partner and I thought from this the ring could be only a matter of weeks away.

After two months since paying the deposit they hadn't contacted us with any sort an update.

A week after the due date I sent them email asking for my deposit back.

I would never recommend them to anyone.

Absolutely regret the decision to trust them with this important purchase.

The worst of the worst for customer service that I have ever experienced in any transaction.

I can't state more firmly enough how appalled I have been with this company.

They have taken $3135 and given me nothing in return.

Ask yourself the question do you really want to risk doing business with people who operate like this?

What if you're next?

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I decided to propose to my partner as a surprise. Having never bought jewellery before I had no idea what I was doing and was very hesitant as I didn't want to be ripped off. I had tried a couple of other jewellers prior and as we are a gay couple, they seemed disinterested and unwilling to help. One saleswoman even stated they wouldn't be able to do anything for me. After spending some time with Ron, who is an absolute gentleman, my mind was set at ease.
Ron was not at all judgemental and was extremely supportive.
The ring is absolutely beautiful and turned out exactly as I described it. There was a small delay in having it finished and Ron was genuinely apologetic. We will definitely be returning to this store for all our future purchases. I am eternally grateful.

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My partner purchased my engagement ring through DI at Chermside. We both went in to start the design process and pick the stone for the setting. I will admit that the design process was not what i was expecting but still enjoyable. 10 weeks later my engagement ring was ready for collection! The quality of the ring is excellent and we are both really happy that they were able to produce a ring within our budget and to a high standard as well as meeting the brief of what I wanted in my ring.

Overall we had a great experience with DI and we would recommend them to anyone who was looking to buy a special item!

To improve our experience in the design stage it would have been great to actually sit down; we had to lean over the counter and honestly it felt as though we were just another sale and not 'special'. We had hoped for a higher level of service and intimacy from our sales consultant (she was lovely however really didn't work for the sale). A private area to discuss budget and go through the design would have made us both feel more comfortable. Of course I didn't want everyone knowing what my ring was going to look like and my partner didn't want everyone to know what he was spending.

Communication could have been better. I know that the team says 6 - 8 weeks for the ring to be made, however not once did someone from the team phone either myself or my partner to let us know how it was going nor that the time frame would be increased. After spending so much money on an investment like this and waiting so long for the ring, it would have been nice for someone to call and just touch base.

So overall we are so happy with the actual ring that was produced. it is incredible and I just cant stop looking at it! The production team is incredible and we have no reservations about returning to have our wedding bands made by DI as well. We were just ever so slightly let down with the face to face service in store but we will return!

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