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DebtCafe Debt Consolidation Canada Review

DebtCafe Debt Consolidation Canada Review

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I was in a financial trouble like everyone seems to be now a days: late car payments, behind on my mortgage, deciding which bill to pay each month became my nightmare. I heard of DebtCafe from my cousin, Julie who help her in her debt crisis and now I feel the burden has lifted off my shoulders. There's no machines you talk to ever, unlike the rest of the debt consolidators I spoke to in the past, just real people talking from the get-go with the best customer service that makes you feel like family and I'll never forget what Ceaser, my representative, said to me "We got it under control" and they really did. Now I don't worry about which bill is more important, I get them all paid. I recommend DebtCafe to everyone I know now. Thanks so much guys!

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I was up to my ears in debt. It was hard to manage my loans, credit cards, mortgage payments etc.. I was on the verge of loosing my home, collection calls wouldn't stop, it seamed like my world was ending. I was looking for a solution that would help me consolidate my debt, DebtCafe was advised to me by my accountant. I contacted DebtCafe and they took care of my case immediately, they helped me hang on to my home, consolidate my debt and even start working on re-building my credit. I owe our family home, wellbeing and happiness to DebtCafe Canada, they are good people who care and help when you are in need.

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