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We first contacted Harry at Code Pixel because our main website was not showing regularly for net users searching for design/build companies. Our questions to him were, Why is this site not showing consistently when we do our regular checks, or is there an internal problem with our site?

Harry determined that our site was working fine internally, and that the problem was caused by our server (web host), who was buying space from other servers unable to support our platform properly. In support of this finding, Harry documented an extensive list of "server errors" which we then used in support of our claim that this past server was not representing our company on the internet as we paid them to do.

Job one complete. Thank you, Harry. We are in business to do business, and if we can't be found on the internet (which is how the majority of initial business contacting is done these days), why advertise online?

Pleased with Harry's work, we then asked him to make our annual website upgrades, which he has excelled at, helping make our main business website better than ever.

Harry is highly knowledgeable about how to help companies represent themselves online. He has consistently proved himself excellent at finding out exactly what our business's online needs are, then meeting them. One of these has been to find a reliable server, a service he offers which has proved the solution to our initial online representation problem, and a deal we have accepted by having Code Pixel represent three of our project websites.

We're back to smooth sailing on the business front, and have been for some time thanks to the thoroughness and general capability of Harry at Code Pixel. 6 stars! The bonus because he has shown himself to be a tremendous head-ache-removal system who is also pleasant to work with.

Powered by GoogleRated 5 on a scale of 1 to 5!


Code Pixel accomplished for us amazing, wonderful job which has brought a lot of improvement in our business. We are quite happy and satisfied with their way of functioning in the architecture of the website for us in a quite cooperative and cordial manner. They empowered us to serve our clients in a much smoother way, thereby improving our daily work flow. They were easy to work with. Their team functioned in a responsible manner.

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