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Cawthorpe Veterinary Services Review

Cawthorpe Veterinary Services Review

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Great veterinarians. We absolutely trust our dogs well-being to the Cawthorpe team and continue going there even after moving away.

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Been told Dr Sjonessen retiring at the end of the year. Don't like the new vet. Won't be going back.

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Brought my cat here for a quick check up and a deworming. The vet was thorough and clear, and they called me thrle next day to check up on the cat. Overall good service and the vet was very warm and welcoming.

Prices are around what you would expect, maybe a little cheaper for general check ups than other places in the area.

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Dr Sjonessen and team are by far the best at what they do.

I want to share two short stories of how incredible this team is and how much value they added to my dog's life:

My wife and I owned a female boxer named Sydney who came home sick from the breeder we bought her from due to a bad batch of deworming medication. After an emergency hospital visit with the emergency hospital at Winston Churchill, where they tried to admit my girl and charge us to observe, medication which she didn't need and further cost increasing observations, Dr Sjonessen was able to assess her issue in his first meeting and corrected for the cost of a new pack of deworming medication.

After being spayed, having her knees replaced and several annual checkups, Sydney had developed a strong relationship with the team and was never afraid to go see her vet.

In her final hours, Sydney was suffering from a very unexpected ailment which turned out to be a tumour rupturing in her lungs. Her behaviour was off so we called Dr Sjonessen who recommended we take her to the closest xray machine we could find. We reluctantly went back to the same emergency clinic (Winston Churchill and Dundas) she visited on her first day. She was again misdiagnosed, triaged incorrectly and after we were given the option to increase her level of care for an incremental $200 (now up to $300 before we even saw the vet), Dr Sjonessen said he finished surgery early and would be able to look at her.

Instead of spending time easing her passing, she was loaded in a car (no help from the vet hospital) and brought across the city during rush hour traffic where Dr Sjonessen quickly assessed her as in mortal danger and that she needed her lungs checked. His initial assessment, without even having seen her and over the phone was better than the other clinic.

In the end, we couldn't save our girl, but we were able to be with her in passing with the last couple hours she had because of this team. A few weeks after her passing, we got a lovely card from the team sending us their sympathy and sharing in the grief of a lost pet.

I hope anyone looking for a great place to take their pet where they can feel comfortable with the level of care in the hands of a health practitioner in what has become a very greedy and money first business, gives the Cawthorpe team a visit.

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I've been going to this vet for over 10 years. Dr Sjonnesen goes above and beyond for the animals - he really loves them. The staff is incredibly knowledgeable and always happy to talk to you. I would very highly recommend this clinic for your dog and cat

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