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Broad Street Home Care Review

Broad Street Home Care Review

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At over $325 a day for a live in caretaker, Broadstreet is much more expensive than the other similar services so I'd expect better service from both the caretakers and office staff.

Unfortunately, this didn't happen. Several of the caretakers work for multiple services and while one of the caretakers, Sabrina who we met through Broadstreet, the others weren't.

A quick summary of our experience

Rose (Caretaker) Janet (our day to day Broadstreet contact)

- Rose, my step-dad's most recent caretaker was difficult to work with
- I didn't trust Rose to transfer my dad outside of the apt
- Rose was there the day my dad fell and had to go to the hospital
- I told Janet that it was time to replace Rose and not only did she give ME (my step-dad's medical POA) a hard time, she called my sister to try to get her to intervene
- Something was said to my step dad by either Jenet, Rose or both of them about getting rid of Rose. I know this because the first thing out of his mouth when I called him when he got home from a visit to the hospital after the fall was that Rose wasn't going anywhere

- Broadstreet REFUSED to take assignment of benefits from my step-dad's insurance, making us pay them directly.
- After taking over the billing from my mom, I realized that there was over $35,000 in outstanding reimbursements because the forms Broadstreet submitted were rejected by my parent's insurance company. This was definitely an issue exclusive to BS (isn't it funny that's their initials) since other provider's invoices had been paid.

I would recommend that if you choose to work with Broadstreet
- You only do so if THEY will take assignment of benefits and add to the contract that you aren't responsible for invoices not paid because if their billing errors.
- Make sure you get someone other than Rose. I don't recommend her.

The long story

Rose, my dad's last caretaker through Broadstreet was extremely negative and high maintenance. As a specific example, a relative passed away and we needed to go to a mid day funeral. I asked her SEVERAL times on the way home if she wanted me to get her something to eat and she refused. The next day I got a nasty call from Janet, the nurse who was our day to day contact stating that Rose had complained that she didn't get a chance to get something to eat.

I also didn't trust Rose out of the apt with my dad. She's older and I had noticed that she was having trouble transferring my dad. Several times, I tried to get my parent's to replace rose, but she had them hoodwinked that she was the only one for them and my parent's refused. I actually witnessed her doing this once when we were discussing replacing the weekend caregiver with someone who was from the Philippines.

In the end, my step-dad fell while in Rose's care. I put my foot down that Rose was going and we needed someone else. At that point, my medical poa kicked in so I was responsible for making the decisions I told this to Janet and she started fighting with me about it and asked if my sister knew what I was doing. First off - what the fresh hell does it matter what my sister thinks? I'm the POA, NOT her. She actually did call my sister who told her that it was my decision and questioned Janet as to why she was asking her.

They also must have said something to my step-dad. I'm not sure what, but when I called my dad when he had returned from the hospital, the first thing he said was - I'm staying here with Rose. I'm not going anywhere and neither is she. WTF! There is NO WAY he would have known that I was planning on getting rid of Rose unless Janet said something about it.

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I had an extremely positive experience with Janet Katz, nurse manager. Janet is a highly-skilled nursing professional. As a result of her initial assessment with us, she was able to identify and place the appropriate caregiver in our home. Broad Street was also extremely responsive to our situation and Janet came to our home on Christmas-Eve so that we could engage a caregiver as soon as possible.

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From my first call to them I had a feeling this was going to be a good connection. Janet is a huge asset to this organization as not only is she fully committed to finding the right caregiver to meet your needs she is personally kind and caring. The fact her background as a nurse, (specifically in our case helpful she had been a hospice nurse) was invaluable. The care givers who ultimately saw us through our most difficult time with our mother were beyond caring and kind. They treated our mother as they would their own family member. There are other agencies out there that may be less expensive but when it comes to wanting and needing people you can trust and count on, hands down I would recommend Broad Street. Tu Tu..you were amazing...as was Erica. Thank you each and everyone of you.

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I have been a client of Broad Street since April 2017. Initially I was seeking a caregiver for 4 -8 hours a day 5 days a week to improve my quality of life. The ongoing care has increased to 24 hours a day 7 days a week. They provide me with companionship, driving, maintenance of medical care as prescribed by my doctor, encouraging exercise, assisting with physical therapy activities, encouraging healthy eating habits, balance assistance, develop and maintaining strength and endurance.

Broad Street Home Care has definitely earned FIVE stars!

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Great caregivers. The focus on customized care is really solid. Very diligent and open communication regarding all aspects of care. Highly recommend.

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