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Breast Implant Shapes for Breast Augmentation

Breast Implant Shapes for Breast Augmentation


Deciding on Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation Toronto – or “augmentation mammoplasty” – is one of the most popular plastic surgeries chosen by women to enhance their physial appearance. Women who are unhappy with their breasts can greatly benefit from this breast surgery Toronto, which can provide larger, fuller, firmer and more shapely breasts. There are a variety of reasons why women would require this surgery. Perhaps their natural breasts are too small, or perhaps their breasts changed dramatially due to pregnancy and nursing. Whatever the reason, breast augmentation in Toronto can help. In addition to the size, women can choose the shape of their breast implants to achieve their desired look.

Choosing the Shape of Your Breast Implants

In general, there are two main shapes of implants that women can choose from for their breast enlargement Toronto procedure, which include an anatomical (tear-drop) shape, and a round shape.

Anatomical Shape Breast Implants

Anatomical implants are shaped in a tear-drop form, and were initially designed mainly for breast reconstruction purposes. However, many women who have general breast enlargement Toronto procedures choose these implant shapes because of how much they mimic the shape of a natural breast. With anatomical shaped implants, the majority of the volume is located in the lower part of the implant, which gives it its tear-drop shape.

These anatomically shaped implants are generally textured to prevent the implant from turning in the pocket. This texture keeps the implant in its position by adhering to the tissue. It is important that the pocket is made as precisiely as possible in order to minimize the risk of the implant flipping within the pocket.

Round Shape Breast Implants

Round breast implants come in both smooth and textured surfaces, and are measured while laying flat. These tend to be less expensive than their anatomical counterparts. One of the benefits of this shape is that even if the implant turns within the pocket, the shape remains the same because they are round. Round shaped breast implants come many different sizes and profiles.

A common misconception with round implants is that they look fake, as opposed to the anatomical shaped implants. If the proper size and profile of the round implant is chosen in proportion to your body size and type, a fake look should not occur after breast enlargement Toronto. Round shaped implants can look just as natural as anatomical ones.

Speak With a Surgeon to Help Make an Informed Decision

It is important to find a surgeon and a Toronto breast augmentation clinic that has the knowledge and expertise in breast augmentation Toronto. The staff at the Toronto Cosmetic Surgery Institute will be able to educate you on the procedure of Toronto breast enhancement, and which implant shape is best for your body and your goals.