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Beach Puppy Love Pet Services Review

Beach Puppy Love Pet Services Review

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TERRIBLE first impression. Never using this Company


I thought about going with this Company to watch my cat 1-2 weekends a month. We had our scheduled appointment one evening.
30 min. after out scheduled appointment time and she had still not arrived or called we realized she was going to be a no-show. We never received an email with an explanation. Two days later I decided to email and let her know we had waited for her but decided to go with another Company.

She replied:

So sorry about that my client made me wait at home to pick the dog up! She was very late.
I got so frustrated and it slipped my mind.

If we went with this Company, how would I know if she's remembering to visit my pet for the scheduled visits?

We have gone with a different company and I highly recommend NOT using "Beach Puppy Love". Our pets are our family and it is very unsettling to know she was this 'frustrated' and we slipped her mind.
If that was the real reason she forgot our appointment, why didn't she email later that night or the next day to tell us what happened?

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