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Angie’s Outdoor Review

Angie's Outdoor Review

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Awesome selection, staff and MRE’s!

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Angie's main floor is a mixture of mostly outdoor supplies, camping gear and such, and some military surplus. However, I just recently discovered they also have a downstairs level that is about 98% military surplus. Containers, souvenirs, racks & racks of military clothing, uniforms, officers' uniforms, hats, helmets, badges and related stuff. You could outfit a typical war movie set & personnel with supplies from this location.
They've been in business for decades, and they've always treated me well. Earlier this month I'd been going thru several stores along Dunlop St. looking for a simple kitchen knife sharpener. Three stores that handle utility-type products didn't have anything like that; then, I thought of Angie's. Not only did she have them, she had four different models & product lines to choose from. Problem solved.
Angie herself is there most days, too, greeting her clientele with warmth & friendliness.
And the store is a great place to browse if you have time to discover all kinds of curios, unusual stuff and off-the-beaten-track novelties and military cool stuff!

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Have enjoyed this shop for over 20 years

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Decent surplus store that sells army and camping gear. Neat store to spend a few minutes looking around in even if you don't need anything.

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Unfortunately I'm not ok with the promotion and sales of new t-shirts promoting the Soviet regime that killed millions of people. Selling shirts with swastikas is in the same way poor taste and lack of compassion to those who lost so many loved ones to the red army. Please stop selling this propoganda.

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