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American Aires Inc. Review

American Aires Inc. Review

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  • Aires Shield – Aires Shield neutralizes the radiation of electromagnetic waves. To enable the Aires Shield, simply apply it to your device of choice. Aires Shield decomposes oscillations of electronic fields of any types into harmless components. Designed for use with everyday electronic devices.
  • Aires Defender – Aires Defender provides universal protection from electromagnetic radiation of the broadband frequencies. The device does not cause signal interference. Activate by carrying the device on the person in a pocket, purse, wallet, etc. or placed under your pillow during rest.

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Aires Shield


I bought my first Aires Shield during the holiday season last year. I was very happy with it, I could certainly feel the difference. I since came back to buy more for my kids' cell phones, my iPad, laptop, work computer and phone. I was amazed with how much better I started to feel once I had multiple shields setup on most of the devices that I come in contact with. I'm thinking of picking up a Defender next, although costly, I think it starts to make sense in the big run.

Aires Shield & Defender


I've been a dedicated customer of Aires for year. Back from when they were exclusively a European and Asian supplier. American Aires Inc., is the official branch of the Aires medical foundation in North America - I've been very happy with them, with their service and customer care over the past year. Their shipping is always free and on time, their service department is super easy to get hold of and their staff is very friendly. I've been using the Aires Defender for several years and got one for each member of my family, with the new update this year its a gadget that is not just for health buffs like myself, its pure eyecandy! I bought one for my business partner and he has been showing it off non stop, like a slick gold brick with nano tech wired through it - gorgeous... while keeping you safe from EMR. Anyways, if you are after EMR protection, American Aires Inc is the way to go, with numerous tech, health awards and patents they are a safe bet and a pleasure to deal with.

Great Service!


I bought several Aires Shields from them this holiday season. I accidentally indicated the wrong address on 2 of them (I was mailing them as gifts to different addresses), their reps responded instantly, fixed my order and had everything shipped same day! Free same day shipping, instant customer care response - this is my new favorite online store!

First of its kind


I was always concerned with the effects of cell phone electromagnetic radiation. Its a serious issue which most of us tend to ignore, but its not like I can just stop using my phone. When I found out about Aires Shield, a device made by American Aires Inc., it changed my life and the life of my family. Being able to neutralize harmful radiation from cell phones means my youngest child can now have a cell phone without any risk to her health. And the effects are very noticeable - try talking on your cell for 30 mins, you'll feel tired, your ear will and head will feel like its burning, after you install the Aires Shield the effects are gone! you can comfortable talk on the phone for hours without feeling a thing and best of all, no harm to your body!

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