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All City Storage Ltd. Review

All City Storage Ltd. Review

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Average Rating on Yelp:  4 / 5
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Easy self service of stored items.

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Chosen because of proximity to residence but tried to access my unit only to find loading dock door closest to my unit was not functioning. Contacted office but got no reply. Ended up having to use another loading door on the other side of the building. End of month, I'm outta there!

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Great place. Good layout. Affordable.

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Everything was great for my three years of rental, until the end when the receptionist decided kindness was no longer necessary and treated me with incredible rudeness during my move out.

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Booked space a week in advance of requirement. Confirmed day in advance of move. Show up with movers and... space has a lock on it. Even worse, they work the leisurely hours of 9:30am - 4:30pm so at 5pm when I arrived there wasn't anyone around. Or available; there is no emergency contact information!!! (What happens if someone notes and emergency like, say, water leak?)

They charge an admin fee on top of the rent. They have all kinds of extra charges if customer does anything wrong. Apparently,though, they don't care at all about wasting MY money with extra moving charges, or the inconvenience of their incompetence.

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Yelp review by Brent R.

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4 / 5. Jan 06, 2016 by Brent R.

I had my storage here for many years. It is clean and I've had zero rodent issues. Not even a sign. The admin is great. She is very understanding and...
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Average Rating on Yelp:  Yelp Average Rating  Rated 4 out of 5 by 1 reviewer(s).
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